Are you looking to purchase IT equipment for home?
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If you are looking to upgrade you IT equipment at home, please contact us, We can offer great prices for the physical hardware & setup of that hardware. On average we are 40% cheaper then buying from a main retailer.

We will spec you out a system whether its for use for word processing or for gaming, We will then quote you for the system & if you see the deal cheaper anywhere else we will beat that quote plus a further 5% discount from your order!

When purchasing any IT equipment via ourselves we offer a FREE software warranty on the laptop. 
We assist with the purchasing, setup & repairs of:

  • Computers & Laptops
  • Routers & networking at home
  • Home entertainment systems

Plus much more. 

Our price guide for your purchases
What should I be paying for my IT equipment?

Laptop & Desktop Computers
Use for general web browsing & Microsoft office Applications

​Use for the above plus streaming videos and music

Use for the above plus running applications such as photoshop

Use for the above plus gaming

Price range



On average our spend on laptops are £450+ but do you need to spend that? Some people think a laptop slowing down is a reason to upgrade, But it’s not, With some TLC your computer could be back up to speed in no time. Contact us today to find out more.

Other IT equipment
Back up your files – Are you worried about losing your files on your desktop. There are solutions out there & not all that cost!

​Memory upgrades

Hard drive upgrades

Price guide
Free – £150

£5 – £100 Depending on age & size required etc